Client experience

Managing thousands of customer interactions per year, SOGICA knows the importance of having an agile mode of operation and being in constant innovation while placing the customer at the heart of its priorities.

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Customer journey

At SOGICA, we understand that the customer journey proves to be a formidable tool to optimize the experience of our customers. This one is also the object of a continual analysis in order to know the way that we have to go to reach to make your experience unique. See how you are at the heart of our priorities.

Client Satisfaction

The satisfaction of each of our customers is a vital element for a healthy relationship with them. After many years in the field and loyal customers, SOGICA is proud to promote unequivocal customer satisfaction.

An annual satisfaction survey is given to our customers so that they can express themselves on various criteria and note the SOGICA experience. This allows us to always rise to the expectations of our customers and offer them complete satisfaction.

Agile mode

Our agile mode of operation, both in our daily interactions and in the management of projects, allows us to offer personalized solutions to each of our clients. This system, which is based on communication, human contact and customer proximity, forces us to continually innovate and keep on the lookout of market trends and realities. The agile mode also allows our customers to be much more involved. Their opinions and changes of opinion are welcome, which brings a better quality of service because the final product is more faithful to their expected. In short, at SOGICA, flexibility always wins.