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Managing thousands of customer interactions per year, SOGICA knows the importance of having an agile mode of operation and being in constant innovation while placing the customer at the heart of its priorities.

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At the heart of our priorities

Consciousness & Interest  
We present our services and solutions so that our customers can position themselves to achieve their goals and needs. It is also at this stage that the customer has a glimpse of the customer experience that awaits him at SOGICA.

Decision & Agreement  
The transfer of knowledge between the sales representative and the operational contact is essential in our customer journey. After each agreement, internal meetings are held to share the expectations and needs of the client. The passing of the torch is therefore done smoothly from a customer point of view.

Delivery and Customer Service  
Our philosophy is that a sale is not completed until the client has obtained a first result.

We learn, every day. We are curious and talented, which leads us to innovate and think outside the box. As our environment evolves at an accelerated pace, it is the speed at which we adapt that allows us to be ahead of the competition

Retention and Strengthening the Relationship  
The quality of the business relationship is directly related to the willingness of customers to be loyal to us and help us attract more potential customers. Knowing that an increase as small as 5% in retention of customers can bring in large, this element is essential part of the customer path.