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Transform data streams more quickly

Knowing when and how to use existing source forms and advanced document composition technologies can save a lot of effort, time, and cost during your transformation. Whether to support the transformation of targeted processes to the web and mobile, or complete a heavy conversion of data flows at the heart of your business, SOGICA has strong expertise, accelerators and APIs to support your digital initiatives .

Combining web, mobile, documents and data

Expertise in document management makes us understand the value of customization in the customer experience, the importance of the graphic formats presenting the image of your organization to your customers and finally the necessity of safekeeping the data entrusted. Whether in bulk or online in real time, SOGICA will deploy efficient document management workflows and responsive data for your customers.

The hybrid approach: to provide the means to succeed while reaching all the customers

Transformation related project costs can be significant, not to mention transitional operating costs. Better managing the distribution of transformation investments and managing the decline of traditional flows are becoming major issues. Allowing you to redeploy your efforts is possible. The use of digital composition, multichannel diffusion and the ability to operate traditional semi-automated or manual processes are the powerful levers of a hybrid approach able to support the major stages of your transformation.