Multichannel Communications Management

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Integrate with power

Whether it's planning the steps in the most relevant way in a digital process or managing the various multichannel communications in a campaign, a well-thought-out and well-executed integration is the key to success. Allowing you to target custom inserts in your regulatory communications or to follow up on multiple campaigns, it's possible and easy. SOGICA has solutions, accelerators and dashboards to help you control and manage the integration of your communications.

Custom content: on demand

Complex PDF documents, electronic consent, billing management, personalized images, personalized videos, animated gifs... SOGICA can generate and integrate for you the on-demand content needed to feed online interactions with your customers.

Indexing, transfers and archiving
Highly secure

For on-demand document processing, mass document processing or large-scale custom communication productions, SOGICA enables file management for archiving or secure transfers. SOGICA can help you set up an archiving solution, manage it, or provide you with SaaS a state-of-the-art archiving solution.

Web, mobile and « Edge »
The diversity of customer interfaces has never been so rich. And yet, it can seem complex to manage documents and data from traditional capture points to digital at reasonable costs and with maximum impact. SOGICA's development teams master creating HTML5 applications that support, "responsive", mobile and edge computing to enable you to maximize each of these media and make impactful interactions with your customers.

It is no longer necessary to stick to a platform. An assisted delivery email campaign minimizes the risk of incompatibility and maximizes response rates at competitive costs.

Printing management
SOGICA's print centers enable the production of customized high-volume, short-time print communications in the best practices. The same goes for insertion, shaping and mailing. SOGICA's Automated Integrity Controls minimize the risk of errors throughout production cycles.

Running your campaigns
Implementing a communications campaign is a work of precision. Assisted management helps reduce risk and benefits from tools, accelerators and expertise. SOGICA has implemented downstream dashboards, control points during production and, upstream, automated mechanisms to minimize human interactions during processing and thereby maximize safety.